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And Then There Were Three

I’ve never been one to really collect anything. I had the Beanie Babie phase when I was a kid, but I don’t really count that as a true collection. But ever since college I’ve romanticized old typewriters and loved their nostalgic beauty. I dreamed of one day having an entire shelf full of different models, the old, the retro, the black, the colorful. Jonathan found a typewriter on his doorstep last year (yes, literally, it was sitting by the mailboxes in his apartment building with a sign that said “FREE!”) I like to think it was fate handing it over to me. This past Christmas my parents bought me a beautiful antique typewriter. And so my collection began. This past weekend I got to see the typewriter Jonathan found for me at a thrift store in Wichita a few months ago. Say hello to the newest addition: The Cadet!



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